Who We Are

Greenscout is an experienced , transparent, and well-funded wind royalty buyer. We provide landowners with the opportunity to receive one large payment for their wind rather than wait for periodic payments over the life cycle of a wind project. As part of our process, we provide landowners with a detailed analysis of their turbines’ future production, so even if you decide not to sell, you will gain valuable information by contacting us.

Offer Calculator

Offers range from 10 to 15 times annual income.

* This is an estimate of a lump sum payment based on the data you entered. To begin the process of receiving an actual offer, please click the "get started" button above and fill out the form. We will be in touch shortly!

How we do it

An offer is made by evaluating elements of the project, such as:


Wind Speed

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Turbine Model


Past & Future Production

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Project Life

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Power Pricing

We shepherd you through the process and show you exactly what our offer is based on

Track Record


paid out to landowners

Greenscout has closed dozens of amicable wind royalty transactions across a diverse range of projects nationwide. To date, we have paid out more than $25,000,000 for landowner wind royalties.

“I would like to recommend Green Scout to anyone thinking of selling their wind royalties.”

– Ole K., Las Vegas, NV

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“From your earliest approach to the final payment, we were impressed by how thoroughly professional you were.”

– Margaret F., Kern County, CA

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“If you are thinking about selling your royalty, these guys will get you a fair price and are very professional.”

– S.T., Klickitat County, WA

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What you can do with your lump payment

  • Money

    Pay Off Debt

    Many of the landowners we have done business with have seen selling their royalties as a chance to get in the black. Your wind royalties are a ready source of quick capital to help fulfill any financial obligation you might have. We make strong offers, we move at whatever pace you are comfortable with and we make a point of funding each transaction at closing.

  • Directions


    Many of the landowners who have sold royalties to us have done so because they had investment opportunities that required an influx of cash. These opportunities simply had a greater return potential than the royalty payments metered out over the life of the wind project, so selling their wind royalty was the logical thing to do.

  • Monitoring

    Buy More Land

    Many of the landowners who show an interest in selling their wind royalty see Green Scout as a source of capital to buy more land and expand their farming or ranching operations. We are essentially a new source of equity that can help facilitate otherwise impractical land transactions.

  • Leaf


    Wholesale power price fluctuations, grid reliability problems, turbine maintenance issues and unpredictable energy policy are just a few of the factors that create uncertainty about how much your turbines will ultimately pay out. Selling a portion of your royalty is a hedge against this uncertainty, giving you cash in hand while leaving you with an interest in the turbines.

  • Rain

    Plan Your Future

    Plan to retire, grow, and invest in your family's future.

Investment Case For Selling your Wind Royalty

Choosing to take a lump sum rather than waiting for periodic royalty payments opens up a great investment opportunity. Investing the proceeds from a royalty sale and earning a modest return will result in far more money in the long term.

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Collect Royalty Payments

1 turbine earning an average of $10,000/year over 40 years*


Sell for $100K and Invest

If you earn 8% annually this $100,000 investment would grow to ~$2.3 million.