Wind Annuity or Cash Payment? Now You Have a Real Choice!

Greenscout gives landowners an option in how they get paid for the wind turbines operating on their property. Periodic royalty payments paid out over many years work well for some, but not others.

The economic terms of a wind lease are usually negotiated well before the project is constructed and producing electricity. In the lease, wind farm developers typically offer landowners a royalty, or a cut of the electricity produced and sold over the life of the lease.

One reason wind developers structure things this way is so that if the project never gets built, they do not owe further money to the landowners (beyond the option rent they have already paid). It would not make sense to pay, for example, $1 million dollars up front to a landowner for the right to farm the wind for 40 years if the project is not an absolute certainty.

Once a project is built and operating, these economic terms may be worth a second look. This is where Green Scout steps in and allows landowners to consider this up front payment option after the fact.

Sometimes landowners want the financial flexibility of being paid for the entire lease up front, rather than be paid out gradually for decades. Other times they want to realize the value of only a portion of this royalty income stream up front and keep a portion of the long-term payments. In either situation, Green Scout stands ready to assist, regardless of the reasons.

We are presently making premium offers for wind royalties on wind projects across the country. Please explore our site and call today for a free evaluation and an offer for your wind royalty interest. Even if you decide not to sell, you will acquire useful information about the market value of your wind royalty interest.