Greenscout is a renewable energy development and consulting company focused on the development and construction of utility scale wind and solar projects. Our developers have over 15 years of experience in the industry, helping install over 1300 MW of wind power across the US.

Relying on our industry knowledge we have partnered with an established royalty buyer to engage with landowners who may be interested in selling their wind royalties. On both sides of our business we make a point of putting landowners first. Whether we are promoting a renewable energy project or buying royalty, we believe that providing landowners with all of the relevant information needed to make good decisions leads to the best result for all parties.

Our Leadership

William Coats

William is a licensed attorney based in Austin, TX. with over ten years experience in the wind industry. After several years developing projects for RES Americas, William struck out on his own to pursue opportunities in the renewable energy business. He has helped install over 1300MW of wind power in the US. Prior to law school, William had a ten year career in the commercial real estate business.